7 Apr 2014

Toma and Hristo, the knights from Senec

Click on: Project presentation - the video is here!

Well... I know, I am a mess and the video is not as good as I wanted ...my hand was nervous and the sound is not too clear... But all of you can see how great were handled the public presentation our two young men... I will unveil you a secret, I 've got congratulations for them from a very important person ... :) Thank you!

As every year at the Academy, we saw beautiful children proudly representing their project teams and giving all their best to tell the stories of their projects . For me, I have something to learn, from each of them!
Congrats, kids! You are so brave and all of us we are so proud of you!

The photos are representing our pinboard- the project presentation and the achievements.

5 Apr 2014

and... 1000 views!

It is wonderful to see a blog growing! Thank you all!

The 2014 ceremony of Academy of Central European Schools

The aces Academy 2014 is over, one by one the participants will arrive home... with tons of new memories and with the hope that they will meet again someday.
Good luck everybody !
For few more weeks we can watch the ceremony as it was broadcasted in livestream, following the link:
The 2014 ceremony of Academy of Central European Schools
We can see that Toma, the Romanian student of our project team, was on the stage as witness during the ceremony, being selected by aces as representative of all aces students.

23 Mar 2014

900! -Thank you all for your interest!

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